I was first interested in photography more than 30 years ago...and had my first paid gig in 1989. It was a large wedding with 300 guests and a bridal party of nearly 20. I did it for $200 and a piece of cake.

Eventually I learned my specialty is finding something in "active environments". It doesn't matter what it is, an event, a restaurant, a vineyard in Europe, music. Really anywhere there is people and something happening. It could be one person...or thousands.

Some will call it documentary in style, maybe even photojournalism at times. I like to call it photographic terroir. A specific sense of time and place that comes through the images, released in improvisational photography.

Today, rather than focus on a particular traditional segment of photography, my clients are varied and look for the photographic terroir that fits their needs, whether enhancing an image of a brand, documenting their lives, or storytelling an event.
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